I fear I too, may soon become a vicitm of the current economic climate. My job is hanging, simply because there just isn't enough to go around.

I had the chat yesterday with the boss, who, in spite of his reputation, is a just a pussycat. He doesn't want me to go. I'm a good fit here. Everyone here wants me to stay. They were nice things to hear.

But the fact remains, that something has to change.

I told my husband Michael, and he assured me we'll be alright... I'll find something else...I have good skills.

But it's not the lack-of-job money I'm upset over. I am flexible, and fairly confident that I could find other work.

I don't want to leave the PLACE and the people. I've never spent so much time where I had so much fun. Where I belonged. Where much of the time, I was really me.

I will probably try hang on doing contract work there. I'm told my desk will remain mine, even if I'm not a regular employee. My work will become part time though, I'm pretty sure, so eventually, the reduction in income will become and issue of sorts.

Of course I'll survive; I must. But I don't want to go.